sábado, 9 de julio de 2016

MASH: Field Hospital - Vietnam. Vassal Replay

MASH: Field Hospital - Vietnam is a  solitary game about commanding a US Army field hospital during the Vietnam War. The game features a resources management aspect in the building of the base and its staff as an effective task force, plus a detailed handling of casualties according to their medial triage level, having to be treated in different medical modules.

The game prototype is currently playable as print-and-play or using a Vassal Game Engine Module (see Files section at BGG). The Vassal Module supports an Observer player for a tutorial session or online shared play.

During the game, the player will recruit new personnel for the base, also improving its installations. The game engine will challenge the player with events and the need to fulfill missions to score points. The scarcity of resources will test your judgement as the base commander, having to prioritize, push-your-luck and even to make hard sacrifices.

MASH: Field Hospital - Vietnam at BoardGameGeek

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