lunes, 17 de octubre de 2016

War of the Andes Oct-2016 Update: Chile & Peru OOB

October 2016 update for War of the Andes, an in-house development of Eurojuegos Buenos Aires, designed by Juan Carballal.

War of the Andes is an operational-level conflict simulation wargame, portraying a military conflict in the Altiplano and Atacama regions around the year 2015, between Chile, Peru, Bolivia and Argentina in various possible scenarios.

The October 2016 update presents some hypothesis for the scenarios and the Chilean and Peruvian order of battle.

Game development forum at BoardGameGeek:

Opening Music: The Creeper Returns (1970) written by Little Sonny
by La Mississippi Blues Band (1991) album Mbugi

Produced by Juan Carballal for Eurojuegos Buenos Aires

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