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War of the Andes (WIP) 2p Gameplay Demo - Chile vs Peru

December 2016 update for War of the Andes (work in process), an in-house development of Eurojuegos Buenos Aires, designed by Juan Carballal.

War of the Andes is an operational-level conflict simulation wargame, portraying a military conflict in the Altiplano and Atacama regions around the year 2015, between Chile, Peru, Bolivia and Argentina in various possible scenarios.

The December 2016 update presents a commented gameplay demo of Days 00 and 01, of a 2 player short scenario that pitches Chile versus Peru, and uses objective locations in Bolivia as the main goal of the Chilean invasion.

Update: Gameplay Part 2

With an overstretched front in Bolivia, and a stalled front in Peru, Chile must rely heavily on tactical maneuvering to make the most of its superior forces to breach the line before Peruvian reserves arrive. Peru is also dancing around, trying to divert invading forces and cause them enough casualties so the endeavor at the end proves too costly to be worth.

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Produced by Juan Carballal for Eurojuegos Buenos Aires
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